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Capitol City Payroll
Whitney Hancock

WHY OUTSOURCE? Managing your own payroll can consume a lot of valuable time needed in other areas of business operations. When outsourcing payroll to Capitol City, your focus can be diverted from doing what you do best, which is efficiently running your business. In addition to being able to free up your time, outsourcing to Capitol City can also reduce the stress of keeping up with the revolving changes in payroll and other compliance matters and alleviate some of the responsibilities of providing proper and on-time payments to your employees.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Capitol City Payroll prides itself on excellent customer service. While it is a rarity, if a client does have an issue, Capitol City has a policy in place to contact the client within 2 hours to ensure it is resolved as quickly as possible. With Capitol City’s policy: “The Client Comes First,” we strive to meet and exceed your expectations and continually provide outstanding customer service each and every day.

BENEFITS In addition to Capitol City Payroll’s customer service, there are many benefits of utilizing a local yet experienced company to outsource to: Ownership involvement Local printing 1 point of contact Specialized reporting General ledger interface to fit most account software

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