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     Business Network of Ascension is a highly regarded networking organization that was established in 2008. It is founded on the core pillars of recruiting, retention, referrals, and relationships, which underpin the group's ethos of promoting collaborative growth and fostering long-term business success.

     The organization prioritizes recruiting dedicated members who share its values of community, collaboration, and mutual support. Once members join, the group works diligently to ensure their retention by providing a supportive and engaging environment where they can develop meaningful connections and expand their professional networks.

     One of the key benefits of being part of Business Network of Ascension is the opportunity to generate referrals among members. The organization recognizes the power of referrals as a tool for increasing revenue and growth for all members involved. Additionally, the group places a strong emphasis on relationship-building, recognizing that trust and authentic connections are fundamental to building a strong and effective network.

     At its core, Business Network of Ascension is a sales team concept, driven by a shared commitment to achieving business success through collaboration and mutual support. As a member, you can expect to benefit from a highly professional and supportive community of like-minded business professionals who are dedicated to helping one another thrive.

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