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Kelly Pest Control, Inc.
Whitney Hancock

We specialize in the identification, removal, and prevention of pests, termites, and other unwanted rodents from residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We provide a range of services designed to eliminate pests such as rodents, insects, and termites that can cause damage to properties and pose health risks to occupants.

The services provided by Kelly Pest Control company typically include pest inspections, pest identification, pest removal, and pest prevention. Our company use a variety of methods to eliminate pests, including chemical treatments, traps, and exclusion techniques.

In addition to pest control services, we offer a range of related services, such as termite inspections, bed bug treatments, and rodent removal. Kelly pest Control also offers ongoing pest management services to ensure that pests do not return to the property.

Our company employs trained and licensed technicians who have the expertise to handle a wide variety of pest infestations safely and effectively. They use environmentally friendly methods wherever possible and follow strict safety guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of their clients and their properties.

Overall, Kelly Pest Control is an essential service provider for homeowners, property managers, and business owners who need to eliminate and prevent pest infestations in their properties. We offer a range of services designed to protect properties and provide peace of mind to our clients.

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