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Notary Depot, LLC
Whitney Hancock

Don't waste your valuable time waiting in line to take care of your DMV and Notary needs. Visit us for fast DMV title/registration/renewals, where there is always a notary in-house to take care of your title transfer and notarial needs.

Mobile & after hours notary services to virtually any location by appointment, 225-315-1414.


We offer many different document processing services. Business filings, contracts, passport applications, scanning and sending documents, analyzing the efficiency of communication processes, and more. We adhere to strict policies and procedures when handling materials, especially those that contain confidential information.Your documents are safe with us!


We process applications filed for certificates of title, including duplicate and corrected titles. We issue vehicle registrations, as well as renewals, quickly and efficiently. We process new license plates, as well as conversions, transfers and replacements.Let us take care of your OMV concerns!

Pamela Alonso, Owner/Founder

Our owner and founder, Pamela Alonso, was on the board of Louisiana Notary Association in  for 10 years, Secretary for 2 years, Vice President for 4 years and President for 2 year. This position is held at the highest regards, belonging to those elected to represent the service and values of all Notaries in the State of Louisiana. Alonso currently holds classes for upcoming Notaries, as well as, mentors some of the finest Notaries in Louisiana. Alonso's standards of excellence shines through the legal and customer service at Notary Depot, LLC. 

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