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Spine & Sports Specialities
Whitney Hancock

Jamie G. Smith MSPT, ATC, CSCS

Spine & Sports Specialties offers a better approach to evaluating, treating, andeliminating your pain.

Jamie G. Smith specializes in the treatment of the spine, and uses a comprehensiveevaluation process to identify the source of your injury. Our goal is to alleviate your painand completely abolish symptoms which may have existed for years. This evidence basedsystem is essentially a prescription for “mechanical medicine” to help decrease tissueirritation and promote healing. We put you in control of your rehabilitation by developinga Pain Relieving Exercise Program (P.R.E.P.) specifically designed for each patient.

At Spine & Sports Specialties, the entire course of your treatment will be rendered by thesame clinician. We understand that every case is unique, therefore each patient receivespersonalized care, and all visits will be one on one.

You will leave our care with a clearly explained spine care maintenance program designedto prevent long term problems, and provide for lifelong relief. Call today for an appointmentand get on your way to living pain free.

If other treatments have not alleviated your pain then try a better approach . . .

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